Content Marketing

The Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a subject that is little understood outside of digital marketing circles and as a result, poorly implemented as a strategy. Many small businesses make the mistake of trying to use it as a means to produce quick sales results which is not the purpose. If it appears as an advert in any way for your products or services – it’s not content marketing!


The Psychology of Content Marketing

Unlike website content, this form of marketing sows seeds which grow more slowly but are more deeply-rooted. It exerts a more gentle pull into the sales funnel by providing relevant information so that you become a trusted source. It’s a great way to attract an audience that you would otherwise miss out on by employing more direct tactics. By being more subtle with the lure, you can engender a level of trust that will produce a higher level of loyalty in the longer term.


The Objectives

The objective is to provide relevant, valuable, useful and engaging information so you are perceived as a thought leader in your field. They can be seen as educational and instructional so that you are providing answers to problems, queries or points of interest. With pain points being addressed, you are providing value focussed content for a defined and targeted audience using targeted keywords and existing website content as a basis. It should not be random in any way, and by putting yourself in the shoes of the audience, you will be able to create content that satisfies the thirst for resolution.

It’s not About You

Content marketing isn’t about your brand, your products, or your services. It’s about your audience and what they care about. Give customers what they want to see and consume and be totally customer focussed. By being a credible source of information, you increase the chances of being found by the right audience and starting a relationship. If you have an audience that trusts you, then it follows that they would be happy to buy off you. Build your audience slowly and the trust will form layer by layer.


Matching your content to the right market and audience is crucial if you want to hit the mark. Email, social media, blogging, website content, organic search, YouTube and paid ads are all channels which can be used. Planning a 12-month calendar in advance will help you plan to maximize the impact by having appropriate content available to post at the appropriate times. Know your audience and what they want; supply quality – not quantity; mix up the mediums and focus on people.


The Rewards

Even though it’s seen as helpful to the audience, content marketing is very much a business opportunity for the publisher. It helps create a feeling of expertise, authority, trust and leadership which can only enhance your brand and develop brand advocates. By using the channels which best suit your business, you will subtly pull a new audience into the sales funnel without playing hardball. Over-advertising can saturate but good content can resonate and leave a much more lasting impression over time.


db Digital Marketing Solutions

Content marketing can be time-consuming as it takes understanding, focus, planning, preparation and execution. It should be used as part of your wider digital marketing strategy and you may need help knitting it all together. It can be a little more tricky than other areas of marketing due to its subtle nature and it requires patience. If it’s an area which interests you, or you’re having difficulty with your current campaign, give me a call and we’ll have a chat about it. I don’t charge for a first meeting and you will be under no pressure.

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