Common FAQ’s


Where are you based?

I work from my home office which is in Taff’s Well, 6 miles from Cardiff and two minutes from Jct. 32 of the M4.

Do you work with companies outside of Wales?

Yes, of course. I work with clients who I’ve never met in person, thanks to online communication applications such as Zoom, Skype and Facebook. It’s a different world now thanks to online communication.

I know nothing about digital marketing, is that a problem?

Only if you continue to let it be! Every expert in the field started somewhere. It’s not your job to be the expert, that’s mine, your job is to get things moving by fixing up a meeting so you feel happier about discussing the subject. You will be amazed about how quickly things start to become clearer.

How long does it take to build a website?

That’s depends on the scale of the project but generally, anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Be warned though, it’s usually the client who tends to hold things up by not forwarding relevant content, photos or videos. I can’t be held responsible for missing target dates if you don’t do your bit! We should be able to avoid this happening by discussing deliverable times at the planning stage.  

Can I have any design I want?

If you like a certain website you have seen or have strong opinions on how it should look, then that’s a good start. But for the record, many websites will have been coded from the ground up and been accordingly charged for. By using a platform such as WordPress, prices have tumbled to what they once were for most needs, but you have to keep things in perspective.

Do you mange Social Media accounts?

Yes, I run several social media accounts for clients which obviously includes Facebook. I design posts to make them stand and this includes graphics and stock photos.

Can I edit pages on the website myself?

Yes you can. The WordPress CMS (content management system) allows you to add/amend content yourself if you so wish. 

Do you include any training on the website?

I’m more than happy to include basic training for page editing but if you want to go deeper, then I will obviously have to look at the time issues attached and charge accordingly by the hour. There’s lots of information available on the web and it’s a fantastic resource for information.

I'm not very good at producing written content, can you do it all?

Yes, I can produce all copywriting, content creation, blogging, news article, posts etc They will all be optimised for search engines. Ideally, you would need to supply some direction/content/sources unless you are happy for me to do it completely.

Do I need to supply photographs?

Good photographs help make a great website and the more personal and relevant they are to your business, the more powerful the effect will be. I can supply stock photographs to a degree and/or I can put you in touch with a photographer friend of mine who will give you good rates.

Can you work on my existing website?

I can work on material to be added/amended for any website even I can’t get access to it. It’s also possible to work on your existing WordPress website.


How do you work out your pricing rates?

My guideline website design and development rates are on my prices pages. Depending on the nature of the services or project, I can charge by hour, day, project or a monthly retainer which means I am constantly in touch with your business as it flexes. Hourly rates start at around £35 per hour depending on the nature of the work.

Are there cheaper companies out there?

There are some companies that offer what appears to be lower prices, but be aware, the devil is always in the detail. My prices are way below most companies who offer anywhere near to what I offer, that’s because I work from home, so my overheads are way lower.

My digital marketing services are delivered with a varying (or targeted) degree of my business consultancy experience which other companies cannot offer, that’s where my niche USP’s (unique selling propositions) kicks in. The conversation will always centre around your wider business strengths, weaknesses, aims and ambitions.

Do you charge for an initial telephone conversation?

Absolutely not. I’m happy to talk about your company over the phone, Skype, Zoom or Facebook. My objectives are to grow your company and get you results, it has to start somewhere.

Project Delivery

Can you meet any deadline?

The honest answer is – No! It will all depend on the size, scale and nature of the project, although I do work with specialist partners who I can use in times of need. A website can take 5, 10, 15 days plus; adding a new page or blog article can take anything from 1-2days; a Facebook post can take minutes or hours so it all depends.

Can you deliver faster if I pay more?

I don’t like to take advantage of any set of circumstances and will always endeavour to help out when I can. If it means I have to work ungodly hours or all over the weekend, I will charge more, but not anywhere as much as you might think. I’m used to working long hours and will always try to deliver when you need delivery.

Is getting information to you on time important for delivery?

In a word – YES! If I have diarised the project with a completion date in mind, any ‘wiggle’ room can be used up quickly if I don’t have the direction,  information, content, photos etc. Yes, I can possibly work on other areas of the project but working together is essential.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

Again, it depends on the services or project type. For websites, I would require a 25% deposit before starting any work with the remaining 75% balance to be paid on completion (or 31 days following the start of project, whichever is the sooner).

How will payments be made?

Payments should be made using BACS, There is no VAT to be added to the prices.

I'm a start-up business. Do offer any more favourable terms to get me up and running?

I never say never, and if the vibes and maths are right, I will consider a more favourable staged payment process, but not just for the sake of convenience. It has to work both ways, although I will always try to help you get up and running.

Get in Touch

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