Google Ads Pay Per Click

Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click)

What are Google Ads PPC?

Google Ads PPC are a powerful way of pushing your company right under the nose of anyone searching for specific keywords using the Google search engine. It’s a way of jumping the queue and appearing on top (and below) of the organic listings on page 1 of the SERP’s (search engine results page. But you need to pay for the privilege. For many, it’s the only way to guarantee getting directly in the face of buyers without high organic positioning.


How does it Work?

You effectively enter into an auction where you bid against other advertisers. The higher you bid, the more chance you have of appearing nearer the top positions of the page. However, the position is not based solely on the amount of money you bid. Google applies a Quality Score to your advert which will affect the price you pay, and the position you hold.

Quality Score:

  • CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Ad copy relevancy
  • Landing page experience

Improving the quality score should be an ongoing objective as it can make a massive difference in how much money you are spending and where you are positioned. Here are some stats to explain the perception and use of ads:


Should I use ads if I appear on page 1 of the SERP’s Organically?

There are several additional reasons why you may consider using Google Ads over and above the obvious chasing of the leads they produce. These would include:

  • The opportunity to appear on page 1 of the SERP’s
  • The effect of using Ads is measurable
  • Reinforcing brand awareness
  • Knocking another competitor’s organic listing on to page 2
  • Ads achieve far quicker results than SEO, which can take months or years to take effect

Brand companies use Google to increase or maintain awareness while smaller companies will be looking to convert the website visit into a sale. Getting the visitor to click the ad is the opening of the sales funnel; landing page behaviour will dictate what happens next and whether you receive ROI (return on investment).

Google Ads Statistics

Some statistics surrounding the use and perception of ads:

•   56% of internet users can’t tell the difference between Ads and organic results

•   50% of people who click on Ads are more likely to buy

•  73% of the paid search market belongs to Google

•   49% of consumers say they’ve clicked on text ads

•   Only 1% of consumers have a negative view of paid Ads

Creating the Right Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when employing ads, is to point an ad at a page that struggles to support the context of the keyword and ad copy. In other words, you have paid a cost for receiving a web visitor, but the page does not live up to expectation or the SEO is poor. Making sure that your landing page is finely tuned for both keywords and contextually is essential.

If visitors click on your ad, stay on the page and engage with the site, the rewards are twofold; you will have a strong lead and your quality score will improve. This will increase your chances of reducing the price you pay and increase your chances of raising the position of your ad.

The Minefield that is Google AdWords

Google Ads is the goose that lays the golden egg for Google. In 2019, it turned over $134.81 billion US dollars which is frightening. Google wins whether your customer buys or not, it reels in the cash thanks to clicks. In a cruel twist, it thrives on your ignorance, although it does go out its way to provide information and good practice guidelines. It’s not up to Google, it is up to you to get it right, so you spend the least amount of money for the biggest possible return on investment. 

Google Adwrods rewards

The Rewards

On average, businesses make £2 for every £1 spent on ads, but if your mark-ups don’t support this as a profit margin – you need to think again. Careful planning and keyword research pointing at crafted, optimised pages will increase your chances of completing the circle and making a sale.

Campaign management is a must, with constant attention needed to finely tune the performance of the ads. Most small companies struggle with getting to grips with it all and either burn away a small fortune or give it up as a bad job. Done correctly, the rewards can be huge.

Competing on a Level Playing Field

Many businesses thrive using Google Ads as it provides a way of providing leads that low organic placement cannot. By aiming at strategic keywords supported by well-crafted copy and pointing ads at well-optimised landing pages, you have the opportunity to compete with anybody on a level playing field.


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