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Using Social Media for your Business

If you’re not using social media as part of your social life or for business, you must be wondering what all the fuss is about. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, MySpace and WhatsApp are just some of the applications that enable people to communicate with each other. A recent study suggests that on average, people have 7.1 different social media accounts. That’s a lot of communicating and lot of time spent in places where potential customers can be targeted.

How Businesses Engage (or not) with Social Media

Social media for small businesses usually falls into three camps:

•  I’ve never used social media because it doesn’t work

If you think social media won’t work for your business, then it usually means your customers don’t use it; you don’t use or understand how it works, or you may have a very localised business such as a newsagent or grocery store. If you don’t rely on loyal local footfall, then you’re probably looking to grow your client base further afield.

•  I use social media but I don’t think it’s very effective for me

This is usually a sure sign that you didn’t have a plan to start with and you still don’t. Using social media randomly makes it almost impossible to measure results.  Setting up goals and objectives is essential, and so is making social media part of your wider business and digital marketing plan.

•  I use social media, I‘m sure it works, but I can’t really prove it

If you’re getting engagement, then it looks as if you’re pressing the right buttons. But what is it all translating into? Turnover may be rising but is social media driving traffic towards your website and converting prospects? Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which you should be using to track and report on web traffic from sources such as social media. It’s very powerful and although there’s a learning curve, no business should be without it.


81% of small-medium businesses use social media


67% of UK population use social media


76% of UK internet users use Facebook

How many Social Media users are there in the UK?

Whether you agree or not, your customers are using social media. So if you know where they are, why wouldn’t you target those places to get attention? Did you know that there are 45 million active social media users in the UK alone?  Consumers are far more receptive to this form of communication because of its social nature and there lies the open door. 94% of online adults aged 18-34 are likely to follow a brand using social media.


Why use Social Media for Your Business?

Social media allows you to show different sides to your business other than just hard-sell advertising. It’s a great way of getting closer to both existing and prospective customers by making authentic and lasting connections with them. It enables you to reach a larger audience, post photos and videos, grow brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, use paid advertising and track all the results. With planning, time and effort, you can employ one of the cheapest and most versatile forms of digital marketing to reach a whole new audience. Introduce your audience to the human side of your business so as to develop trust and loyalty.

Know your Audience

One of the huge advantages of social media marketing is that you are able to micro-target your audience. But you must first understand who your audience is. You can start by compiling data on your own customers together with employing social media analytics tools. These will help you develop a picture of how buyers are interacting with you and decide which channels to push.

Expanding your Reach and Audience

Once you have identified your audience and the social media channels they use, you can start to target them. You could start by considering Facebook which attracts 500,000 new users per day globally and has 60 million active business pages. Social media is a two-way communication process, with your audience free to post comments and pose questions. Ignore them at your peril. Instead, use the opportunity to respond and get closer to your audience by answering them, especially if they are negative comments. However, do not use social media to pick a fight!

Here are some tips on how to go about organising your social media:

•  Devise a social media plan so you measure the results

•  Make social media a key component of your wider business and marketing aims

•  See how your competitors are using social media

•  See how other industries use social media

•  Decide which platforms are best for you and concentrate on them

•  Provide interesting content to engage but don’t try to hard-sell through social media

•  Listen to your audience and learn

•  Create a social media calendar

To many businesses, Social Media can be a chore and done more as a duty than a plan. It’s more a case of “My competitors use it so I’d better had, or I’ll miss out.’  A hit and miss strategy will get you very little return, especially if you’re not measuring the effect it’s having.


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Social media needs to be the heartbeat of your business so your audience can identify with you. Brand loyalty and trust are so important when it comes to persuading an audience to deal with your company. However, it can be difficult working out a strategy if you’re not familiar with the social media landscape. My services include analysing your business to see which social media channels would suit you best, planning and post management. Get in touch to organise a free, non-committal meeting and we’ll have a chat about how you can attract whole new audiences.

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