Working with you

Working with You

Choosing the right company to work with in any field is always something we all dread undertaking. How do I know if I’ve made the right decision? How many companies will I have to talk to before making a decision? How much sales talk and pressure will I have to endure? Will they take the money and run, charging me exorbitant prices for anything I need to amend or add in the future?


Using due Diligence

These are questions we all think about when searching for a reputable supplier. By undertaking due diligence, you can try to pick a good fit early doors and the first place you will look? Yep, a website, proving that digital marketing does actually work.


How will you Measure Success?

Most digital marketing companies should be able to do a decent job for a client, but what is a decent job? How do you judge it to be successful?

Does success mean:

A.  Having a website because you didn’t have one before?

B.  Engaging with social media because you didn’t before?

C.  Or could it be that success is ensuring that your marketing reflects everything that your business is capable of providing having considered your strengths and weaknesses. And as a result, your company turnover continues to grow exponentially because old and new customers engaged through digital marketing believe that you are the company to deal with because you consistently provide what they need and the stats speak for themselves.

Like most sane people, I’m guessing you’re going for ’C’.

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Why Should you Consider Me?

If you have read my ‘About me’ page, you will know that my unique background has consisted of managing and re-organising different departments of a company giving me priceless insight and experience in how to take a company to the top level. I have picked up so much valuable experience, knowledge and expertise on my career journey (meaning – making many mistakes as well as making good decisions) that I’m able to peel back (sometimes uncomfortably) the layers of a company to ensure that the branding and lead generation solutions are based on your capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and budget.


Embracing Digital Marketing as a Solution

Many small companies have similar issues which hold them back and these can include lack of belief, ideas or direction; phobia of technology, little or non-existent digital marketing knowledge, and let’s not forget the biggies – decision making and fear of change. Nothing makes me happier than to pass on my wealth of knowledge and experience in order to watch a company grow the passion that is their business by embracing the powerful influencing force that is digital marketing.

What’s with the Jargon?

Do I need a website? Why doesn’t my current website work? Why don’t my email campaigns work? What’s PPC, SEO or SEM? Or even ROI? Why is blogging and content important? Come to think of it – what the hell is content marketing anyway? Yep, it’s a tricky landscape and if you don’t understand how it all works, the chances are you won’t engage with it successfully. My job is to talk in a language that you understand so you become a driver not a passenger, pushing your business forward by making your company more visible – if you don’t, are you prepared to stand aside and watch your competitors leave you behind?


Realising your Potential

My ‘calling’ into the wide and ever-changing landscape of digital marketing enabled me to chart the growth of my small family business into a multi-award winning UK and European market-leader, which it still is today. I am currently helping companies realise their potential by getting them to look in the mirror and turn a barrier into a hurdle which can be jumped. By digging a lot deeper than an agency’s normal remit, I ensure that the solution reflects the potential of your business and not a template that’s been taken from ‘The Dummies Guide to Digital Marketing.’


Are you a ‘Firefighter’?

Most company owners and managers are busy ‘firefighting’ and as one day morphs into the next, you run the risk of your more in-tune competitors stealing away your potential customers from under your nose and putting daylight between them and you in terms of growth. Ring any bells? More and more people are undertaking due diligence online to ensure they get what they want and if you want to get their attention, you have to be in the game.

Who are my Ideal Clients?

I specifically aim at start-up businesses and SME’s and my client list includes manufacturers, pubs, artists, tutors, electricians, plumbers, retail outlets, cafes and all things in between. Typically, many of these companies were afraid to engage with digital marketing because of costs as marketing, business consultancy and website design agencies can charge anything from £500-700 per day for their services, but you’ll be somewhat pleased to know that my rates are nowhere near these figures even though I offer all three services.


What are your Goals?

When it comes to running a business and feeling the growing pains – I’ve been there, got the T-shirt, wrote – writing the book. Whilst growing a company to be a UK leader – I’ve immersed myself in digital marketing, made mistakes, chanced my arm, learnt to break the rules, not been afraid to challenge the way things are traditionally done, trusted my own judgement, backed myself, done my due diligence and believed that I could reach my goals by truly believing they could be achieved. If that’s the tone you would like to set, then I think we’re already talking the same language.


Starting the Process

Doing nothing isn’t going to solve anything so the sooner you start asking the right questions, the better. Get in touch and I’ll be only too happy to talk in-depth about your business for a ‘consultative fee’ of a cup of coffee. It will be direct, open and honest; otherwise it will be meaningless, so the more we put on the table, the more ground we will cover. If it’s the only meeting we have, I intend to make it one of the most important and informative ones you’ve ever had.

There’s absolutely no pressure involved and for the price of a coffee – you will open the door to understanding how the world of digital marketing will benefit you.

Get in Touch

Serious about getting your business to move up a gear, but not sure how to make it happen? Then please drop me a line.

But don't leave it for another day, that day has a strange knack of never arriving!